A Beautiful Journey

It’s been a while since I wrote something. It’s interesting how things have changed for the past year. Obviously, I was caught up into something that made me very busy. My plate has… Continue reading

Life is Temporary

It’s hard to live by the word of God. Nobody says it’s easy. In a world where people battle to be heard, known, and appreciated, there’s no way you can avoid hatred and… Continue reading

Two Sides of Life

There are two sides of life: 1. Simple life and 2. Complicated life. What separates the two is what we call “happiness”. This conquest of men in pursuing happiness is where life will… Continue reading


In the Philippines where majority of the people are Catholics, secularism is defined as a separation of religion from State and society. It has been long viewed as an integral part of the… Continue reading

Religion and Technology

In today’s vast technological influence, all means of communication have been made easier for everyone. The different issues in the society (i.e. social clamor, political conflicts, economical instability, etc.) are caused by the… Continue reading

Taste APC

If you take your lunch in school more than you do at home like me, we share the same dilemma – food choices. Lunch time is probably the most interesting part of your… Continue reading

Impeachment Trial of a Chief Justice

The Impeachment Trial of CJ Corona ends today as the Senator Judges voted for whether or not he shall be convicted. Each Senator Judge gave his/her points regarding his/her decision of which most of… Continue reading

Media Control

Arguments regarding “Freedom of Expression” have already been present since the declaration of democracy in the world. However, a part of that condemns the capability of every individual to raise concerns on the… Continue reading

A Love Story

I’m not really fond of love stories or writing something about them. When someone talks about love, he/she magically creates a very light, soft feel of the ambiance. Probably the reason is that… Continue reading


Whenever we ask our new friends of what our ages are, I always get the highest. Sometimes, I can’t help but to wonder, “Do I really look that old?!”. It’s not even a… Continue reading